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Happy Wednesday, Y’all! We’ve got a super fun Wednesday With.. segment planned for you guys. Today, we’re hearing from Alicia Shaffer with Three Bird Nest. We first found out about Alicia’s company a few Christmas’ ago when a random package arrived at the shop addressed to The Organic Bloom. We opened it up, and to our surprise, found the most darling scarves, headbands, and boot socks. Needless to say, we’ve been in love with her ever since!

Here is her story:

I started Three Bird Nest in November of 2011 on a whim. At the time, I owned a women’s clothing boutique and just needed basic cute headbands for the shop. Pulling from my design background, I decided to make a few for the shop. They sold really well! So, I opened an Etsy shop, figuring I’d help pay for dance lessons or offset the boutiques’ sales. I decided to name the shop after my three kids (and my tattoo which is my three birds in a nest) and called it Three Bird Nest. The orders started coming in pretty quickly and I figured it was just because it was it was Christmas and people needed last minute gifts.

I remember being so stressed with getting all the orders out & crying at 3am because I was so overwhelmed with getting everything made & shipped on time. Yet at the same time I was so overwhelmed with joy at the success of the shop and appreciation for my customers. Needless to say, I kept at it & added Spring items- scarves and leg warmers that added variety to my line, as well as offer additional items for my repeat customers.

I ended up selling my boutique early this year because it was just not possible to manage life, my family, Three Bird Nest, and the store. Now I am able to focus solely on Three Bird Nest (and my family of course!).

In just 18 months, Three Bird Nest is one of the fastest growing (if not THE fastest growing) shops on Etsy and now has it’s own dedicated online shop. I now have a whole team of 100% dedicated, amazing individuals that help make the items and keep the shop going.

Three Bird Nest focuses on free spirited and boho inspired women’s fashion accessories that add just a little touch of amazingness to your outfit. We make everything from leg warmers with lace, to leather headbands, to infinity lace trimmed scarves.

I am beyond grateful each and every day for my customers. I LOVE hearing their stories, how they wear my items, and how my shop has inspired them to open their own Etsy shop or to start their own business.

XO – Alicia

Thank you so much for sharing, Alicia! We are so happy to feature you and your amazing products on our Wednesday With.. segment.

Alicia would also like to share a little love with you guys today! Visit her Etsy shop or website and use promo code: BLOOMIES for 25% off your purchase. How awesome is that?!

But, the giving continues! One lucky person is going to win this super cute scarf and headband:



Ahhh, precious! There are a couple of ways you could win- 1. Head over and like her Facebook page! Be sure to let her know The Organic Bloom Wednesday With.. segment sent you. That’s easy enough, right? 2. Leave her a comment letting her know which of her items are your favorites. Still pretty easy! 3. Comment on this post and let us know which Wednesday With.. segment has been your favorite so far. Easy-As-Pie!

Happy shopping, happy giveaway, happy Wednesday!

– Team Bloom & Three Bird Nest


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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I am already a TBN fan on facebook!!! 🙂
    My favorite wednesday posts so far have been the may 15th post & Rachel’s engagement photos because I can’t wait to do motorcycle photos with MY fiance too!!!!! 😀

  2. Mindy
    Mindy says:

    I love the simplicity but yet beauty of her accessories. I think that this has to be my favorite yet Wednesday segment!

  3. Amy
    Amy says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this cute shop! I think this is my fave Wednesday With…segment. I love that adorable scarf!

  4. Danelle Prestwich
    Danelle Prestwich says:

    Thank you OB for sharing this little gem! I can’t believe I didn’t know about TBN before- my husband probably wishes I was still in the dark. 😉 This has to be my favorite “Wednesday With…” blog post so far. 🙂

  5. cecile
    cecile says:

    Love this The Organic Bloom Wednesday With “three birds nest” the best since it is the first one that actually caught my eye. I will be watching out for this more nad more…every week….

  6. Brittany Swanson
    Brittany Swanson says:

    I ordered headbands from Three Birds Nest for all my girlfriends this past Christmas! I stumbled onto their site by accident and I’m glad I did! My girlfriend loved the gift and I ordered a little something for myself too! It’s hard to say which segment is my favorite…I like all of them!

  7. Normita
    Normita says:

    Handmade?????? please, just how stupid does she think we are? Granted maybe they make the headbands, but that is about it, everything else is imported from China from the sweat shops. This people have zero integrity claiming handmade when they even forget to remove the made in China labels…for shame! Oh and don’t forget to check out the new handmade suede shoes?? LOL

    • MLH
      MLH says:


      • Normita
        Normita says:

        In her profile she states that she has employees, she has help that is not a problem, but don’t say your company makes something when you are importing crap from overseas and you stick your label on it, she doesn’t even design them so don’t even go there. Be a smart shopper don’t let people fool you, and, don’t pay $25 for something you can find for $5 at Walmart or at the swapmeet on Sunday

      • kay
        kay says:

        She clearly stated she has a team helping make the stuff. Making ignorant assumptions makes you look stupid. There are such things as businesses that do make all of their stuff 100% locally. Do some research you pleb.

  8. Paula Whalley
    Paula Whalley says:

    yes they are hand made just not by her but some little kid somewhere you couldnt sell 3000 things a day and make them yourself oh well good luck to her but dont say you do something when you dont

  9. Lilia Vanini
    Lilia Vanini says:

    Everybody is talking about the fake handmade of Threebirdnest but I have an idea, if she really wants to clean her name and proof that she made and created all her items, will be good to make a challenge for her to demostrate on a video or in a two designers challenge live event, how she knit, crochet or sew her items, I have three etsy shops, all my items are fully handmade by me and my husband, I have one knitting and crochet pattern shop, so I know exactly the stiches, and how to knitting and crochet and what she is using on her items, but does she can demostrate it? This idea is around my head for a while so if you agree let´s promote this idea, contact me if you have any questions, Thank you!
    Lilia Vanini

  10. Jayispackintho
    Jayispackintho says:

    She started out making a few items of her own that were popular in her store and on Etsy. She admits in a previous interview that she incorporated non handmade items soon after. Her success comes from marketing, forums, social sites and giving away items (promotions). That is what she is better at than everyone else and that she was smart enough to take advantage of the opportunity to buy cheap manufactured goods and continue to sell to her like minded customers at prices that allow her to profit greatly. Many Asian factories have workers that will “handmake” anything and sell in bulk to Americans to sell as “handmade”. The chinese factory owners are making a killing on Etsy accidentallyby finding out this loop hole! It is very smart I would say. This lady became a multimillionaire overnight by taking advantage of dumb Americans and Etsy. By the way that is why Etsy keeps sales information a secret…that more people sell on Etsy than really purchase. Etsy now offers wholesale as of 2014, so forget about handmade!


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