Ever wish you had someone to tell you exactly what to write on your Facebook page or in your Instagram captions at the end of a long work day? Yes? Well then today is your lucky day! 

We’ve put together some marketing content you can use as you wish to encourage your clients to print their photos. Feel free to copy the below content as is or edit the ideas to fit your branding. 


Don't rely on Facebook to save your memories. 

When was the last time you logged in to your MySpace account? How long has it been since you used a floppy disc? 

Technology changes, and we don’t want you to lose your precious memories when it does — that's why we prefer high quality prints to CDs. 

In 30 years, you might not remember your Facebook password, but you’ll likely still have photos albums and printed photos hanging on your living room wall.

When you book a photo session with us, we help you preserve your images and provide you with memories your family will cherish for generations. 


Share your favorite family photo. 

You know that ridiculous hair style your dad had in his teens, and those crazy outfits your mom wore in her early 20s? Aren’t you so glad there are photos from the past for you to admire? 

My favorite family photo is ........(FILL IN THE BLANK.)..... It shows off .......(FILL IN THE BLANK)'s...... personality so much! I'm so glad my family captured this memory in print so many years ago.

Make sure you’re printing plenty of photos so your kids and grandkids have the opportunity to appreciate your fashion choices. 



Selfies are awesome, but they can’t replace a professional family portrait. 

Be honest with yourself — is it time for a new family photo to share with the grandparents and display on the living room wall.  

I would love the opportunity to take portraits you’ll love and provide you with high quality prints that will last for generations. 

As a bonus, I’m an Organic Bloom frame vendor, and I can help you select a unique, boutique frame that will match your new portraits perfectly. 

What are you waiting for? 


Christmas already?! 

It’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas cards! Do yourself a favor and have your family photos taken now, so you won’t have to find time while you’re gift shopping, planning holiday menus and stopping by to visit Santa.

We also offer Organic Bloom frames, which make excellent Christmas gifts for grandparents when they’re combined with your new family photo! What’s better than crossing two things off your future to-do list?!