You know you need a blog, but you’re not the greatest writer.

You’re not really sure what to post, and you worry everything you write sound exactly like the last thing you wrote.

Sound like you? Then keep reading, because it’s your lucky day! We’ve collected several helpful articles that will help you figure out what you’re missing so you can have the best photography blog in town.


Feel like you’re writing the same post over and over?  This article has a lot of advice for writing unique blog posts that will make your potential blog posts keep coming back to your website.

WIIFM. It stands for “What’s in it for me?” and it’s an important question most photo blogs aren’t answering. This article shares 10 awesome tips for writing what your potential clients are wanting to read.

Not sure what to write about? Everyone has writer’s block every now and then. Print this list and keep it in a notebook where you can jot down ideas as they come. You’ll love having a list of awesome blog post ideas next time your brain storm session was more like a brain drought.

Don’t suck. That’s the goal isn’t it? This article breaks this advice into more actionable, easy-to-follow tips that will make sure you’re only putting awesome content into the world. There are also links to some photographers with amazing blogs, because it’s always helpful to see what the best are doing.

There are two things that will make your potential clients love your blog: Showing instead of telling and creating a story. You’ll learn how to do both in this article.


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