Hi, Bloomies,
Ever feel like you're doing everything you can think of, but you still need a little help booking photo shoots? We understand, and we want to help!  We've gathered some awesome articles that are filled with tips for giving your calendar a boost. Take a few minutes to read through these posts, and then put the inspiration to work filling up your calendar. Enjoy!
Before diving into the rest of these articles, make sure you're not making any of these common marketing mistakes.

This blog post has two steps to booking more photo shoots. Filling up your calendar doesn't have to be complicated!

The writer of this post used her network marketing skills to create a thriving photography business. She has some awesome tips for getting your name out and filling your calendar.
Someone is much more likely to hire you as their photographer if they heard about you from a friend than if they found you on Google. This awesome article includes tips for asking for referrals and 10 ways to ask clients for a referral.
If you didn't find enough inspiration in the last article, this one has even more tips for getting referrals from your clients and improving your word-of-mouth marketing.
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