We love hearing about the incredible things our vendors are doing with their clients! Organic Bloom Vendor Karen Moriarty put together a fun Mother's Day event that doubled as a fundraiser for the Confetti Foundation, an amazing charity that gives presents to kids who are in the hospital on their birthday.
We thought it was such a fun idea, so we asked Karen if she would share more about the event with us and she graciously agreed. We hope you'll enjoy learning about this fun event as much as we did!


Can you tell us about the Confetti Foundation?  

A very sweet Charity that I was 1st introduced to at the Inspire photo retreat in Newport,RI back in February

The founder was a keynote speaker at the retreat and I just loved her story and how she decided to turn her idea into a reality ( Girl power! )

They are a non profit that provides birthday boxes to kids that are in the hospital on their special day.

Can you tell us about the Mother's Day event you hosted?
It was 2 separate fun days of Mom & Me Mini session, the kids got cupcakes for rocking their session and the Moms went home that day with Fabulous gifts from all of our awesome partners. Below you can see the flier I had 1st emailed on a Tuesday to my VIP clients that I thought would love to do this with there kids, then on the Thursday of that week I opened the remaing sessions to the public and we sold out in record time!

Click here to see a video  of all the sessions I made and posted on Facebook page on Mother's Day. I also emailed it to all my clients.

How did you come up with the idea for the event? 
I hear from my clients all the time that they are not in family pics a lot because it's usually them taking the photos. 
I had been thinking about doing an open house at my recently-renovated studio to celebrate Mother's Day  and show off the changes at the studio.
So I thought Mothers Day was the perfect time for  Mom & Me Mini sessions and pairing it up with a children’s charity like the Confetti Foundation seemed  to go together perfectly!

What advice do you have for other photographers interested in hosting charity events in their own communities? 
I am a BIG fan of partnering up with like-minded businesses in your community, my studio is actually inside another business-
Kingdom Cuts which is a kids hair salon- it works out great because we have two completely different products (haircuts and portraits) so we share a lot of clients and we really help each other out, we just had a good example- 2 cute girls in for up-dos for 1st communion,
 after their appts I got some adorable images of them
My advice is get out there in your community and start conversations with other businesses - there are SO many ideas for cross promotions!
In our town there is a “#shopfranklin” Facebook page which is a great way for local businesses to connect ! (I didn’t start the page but every local community should have one! )
Thanks for sharing the details with us, Karen! Be sure to check out Karen Moriarty Photography on her website, on Facebook and on Instagram. 
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Team Bloom