Good afternoon, Everyone!


We hope you're enjoying your holiday season- Christmas shopping, ice-skating, eggnog drinking, yummy treat making. We are finding we might have a new Christmas tradition that takes up a lot of our time. Meet The Organic Bloom Christmas ornaments:

We're certainly not complaining, though. These little babes are just too cute! We've had several people order 20+ ornament frames with the intent of decorating an entire tree in The Organic Bloom. We are antsy to see photos of those trees!

We want to apologize for the lack of detailed updates within the last few weeks. We're finding it hard to have time to do much lately, even sleep (Jason & Andrea)! We just want you guys to know that even though we're completely slammed, a bit sleep deprived, and sometimes a bit overwhelmed- We are totally living our dream. And none of it would be possible without all of you. We are so, so grateful for the positive response to our frames. Your happiness about and enthusiasm regarding our product is what justifies the hard work we put in. We love getting your feedback and seeing the photos you post of our frames in use. It's so exciting to know that we created something people like. We even had to move warehouses in order to accommodate our expanding business! How exciting is that?! Here is a glimpse of our work in progress:

Look a bit like Santa's factory to anyone else?! That's kind of how it feels to us.

We're sure that you all are getting a bit curious about the title of this post and wondering when we're going to get to it already. Well, here it is- WE REACHED 10,000 FANS ON FACEBOOK MONDAY EVENING! Can you guys believe that?! A little over six weeks ago we had around 250 fans, a lot of which were personal friends, or friends of friends. We still cannot believe the rapid pace at which our business has grown. Six weeks ago it was just Jason and Andrea doing everything! Now they have Rach (the office manager), two girls who help pack and ship, three painters, and Tim (the production manager). It's just amazing. Now to the good stuff!

In honor of our 10,000 fans on Facebook (10, 405 now!), We'd like to have a little giveaway. How does 5 free sample sets sound?

Good? We thought so. And it doesn't end there! We've partnered with Gracylu Originals on this one, who would like to offer one of our winners $50 in credit to her online store. Gracylu makes amazing handmade head pieces and accessories. Here are a few of her pieces:

And they're not just for the kiddos. Check out this beautiful birdcage veil:

So, as you can see, a lot of exciting things for which to put your name into the hat!

Now for how to win- given that it is the holiday season, we want to know your favorite holiday tradition. Please post a comment stating what gets you excited that it's Christmas. What do you wait all year for? Also- Facebook "liking" is not required, but is encouraged. Go spread the love!

Gracylu Originals


We will choose six winners at random on Saturday evening. We can't wait to hear from you guys! And tell all your friends! Hey- if they win, they've gotta share, right?! You were the one who gave them the heads up after all!