the "baby" wall: all in white 30x40 JUNE, flanked by (top to bottom) 10x10 LEWIS, 10"round JOHNNY, 10x10 EVA

the "boy" wall (L to R, going down): 12x12 JESSIE double stack- charcoal/french vanilla, 12x12 JESSIE double stack- azure/tahitian sky, 10x30 GILLIGAN story board- grey, 8x10 RICKY- black, 10x10 LUCY- black, 8x10 MARY ANN- black

the "girl" wall (2 sets of the same frames): 16x20 CARY GRANT- riviera waters, blush 10x10 MEG- wine, navy

the "senior" wall: 20x30 ELLIE- yellow gold w/ brown glaze, 15x30 LUCY- yellow gold w/ brown glaze,

the "family" wall 20x30 AUDREY- black 15x30 ANDIE- black

Mr & Mrs. Organic Bloom...we hope this pic gives some perspective to the size of that monster 30x40 JUNE!