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We've been reading a lot about succeeding at in-person sales, and we've got a great collection of articles to share with you today.

In the linked articles below, you'll find an awesome checklist to help you succeed at IPS, assurance (or reassurance!) of the importance of keeping samples of the products you sell, and an inspiring teen who already has a thriving photography business.  Enjoy!


The Importance of Marketing Tangible Products 
via Design Aglow
People are visual, and they’re usually going to order what they can see.  If you haven’t ordered samples of the products you’re selling to your clients, this post will assure you that it’s a step worth your time.

For our tips on ordering Organic Bloom samples, check out this blog post. 

A Can’t Mess Up Checklist for Your In-Person Sales

via Erin Blackwell
If you’re in the process of transitioning to in-person sales, you’ll find some helpful tips in this article.

How I Rocked My First In-Person Portrait Sales Session 

via The Moderntog
It’s always scary to try something new with your business, but reading someone else’s experience can make it a little easier. We loved reading about the delightful results (and the idiot moment) in this photographer’s first IPS session.

16-year-old Runs Thriving Photography Business

via SCNow.com
We were so inspired by this South Carolina teen who is already running a thriving photography business.

What have you been reading around the Internet this week? Leave us a link in the comments. We'd love to check it out!

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