Rose Gold has been a popular, trending color for the past few years and continues to make itself well-known in several items in our daily lives. We have rose gold cell phones, jewelry, office supplies, beauty items, kitchen gadgets, home decor and more. 

We would love to add Rose Gold to our Metallic color palette, but first .. we want to know what you think about this roseate, shimmery color. Do you have any images from past sessions that you think would look perfect in a Rose Gold frame? Share your thoughts with us below!

We will be adding this sample color to our Wall Designer sometime next month so that you can see what your images look like, build wall displays, collect your clients' thoughts and gauge interest.

Don't want to wait for an official decision to be made and need to purchase a Rose Gold frame today? Not a problem, we have you covered! You can order any size/style frame in Rose Gold from our Custom Color page. Please note all custom color frames are an additional $7 to cover the cost of the paint. If we receive positive feedback and decide to make Rose Gold an official Organic Bloom color, we will gladly issue a $7 credit** (via Reward Points) to all vendors who purchase a Rose Gold frame from the Custom Color page

** To receive the $7 credit you must have purchased a Rose Gold frame from our Custom Color page and paid the $7 custom color fee. If we decide to make Rose Gold an official color choice, we ask that you contact us to receive your credit. Making this an official Organic Bloom color is not guaranteed and will be based on feedback received from you and your clients.

Rose Gold Frame

Bloomies, we want to know if Rose Gold should become an official Organic Bloom color, please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.