Gallery walls are one of our favorite ways to show off our Organic Bloom frames. A well designed gallery wall can easily take a room from being a space you avoid to a space you gravitate to. 
We want to share the gallery love, so today we're sharing some tips for creating an awesome display in your home. 

Pick a Style. 
Symetrical. Asymetrical. One repeated frame.Monochromatic. Classic. Modern. There are so many gallery wall styles to choose from! Selecting a style before you start designing will make the process a breeze. If you need help deciding, look for inspiration in The Organic Bloom look books and Pinterest boards
Decide on a color story.
Another way to make the design process easier is to start with a color story of about three colors. You don't have to stick with three colors, though. As a general rule, more frame styles will look better with fewer colors. On the flip side, picking one frame style and many colors could be a fun look -- especially with a more simple frame style like Lewis or Smith.
Start with the largest frame first. 
If you're designing a gallery with multiple frame sizes, starting with the largest frames will help you decide where to place the smaller frames. 

Include a mix of photos and art prints. 
Tastefully adding a little variety to your gallery wall can create visual interest. Prints can also give your family room to grow into the gallery, because they can always be switched out for photos later. 

Have fun playing with different arrangements. 
Tools like the Organic Bloom's Free Online Wall Designer make it super easy to try tons of frame layouts before you decide. If you're even a little indecisive, this is an easy way to try all of your options to make sure you're ordering the gallery you love most.  
A bonus of the Organic Bloom's Designer is that you can get a paper template of your gallery when you order your frames. Hanging gallery walls has never been easier!  
Those are a few of the basics of creating an amazing gallery you love! What other gallery wall tips would you add to this list?