I hope you're ready to hear about something amazingly fun and colorful today, Bloomies! You're probably going to have a strong urge to paint, or sew, or re-decorate your home, or <insert your favorite creative activity here>. So, be ready for that. Don't say I didn't warn you.

We were recently given the opportunity to sponsor Meg Duerksen's Craft Weekend. If you haven't heard of this creative retreat before, it's a color-filled weekend of gorgeous, fun crafts. We were so excited to get to be a part of the fun! We loved looking through the #whatevercraftweekend photos on Instagram and learning about the other sponsors when the weekend was over. If you love being introduced to creative small businesses, go check out that post on Meg's blog. There are so many beautiful products!

I had so much fun looking at Meg's blog, I asked her to tell us a little more about the fun. Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Meg Duerksen. I have called myself an artistic my whole life. I love all things creative... any form! I have an awesome husband and five rad kids. We have made creating a part of our lives... even though sports seems to be the theme for all of us in this phase. I started a blog 8 years ago and still keep it up every few days! I have an online shop with photos of beautiful things i see around me, some vintage items and colorful handmade items. I own a Craft House that is used for Creative Retreats for women about once a month by me and can be rented out to other groups for their own retreats. I use the Craft House for Craft Weekend and Camp Create which are womens getaways to be creative and have a break from daily routine. We have a blast! It's a new group every month of new people i've never met until they walk in the door. We craft, talk, shop, eat and stay up WAY too late. Women fly in from all over for Craft Weekend! It's the coolest job I've ever had!

How did Craft Weekend get started?

My family and i lived in the home that is now The Craft House. I invited several online friends for a weekend to get together and meet in real life and make crafts. I also had several of my local friends come too. My family went away for the weekend and my friends filled our big Victorian home up with laughter and FUN! It was an awesome weekend! i blogged about it and had so many responses of readers saying THEY wanted to come to a weekend like that. It got my wheels spinning and with a lot of encouragement from many people, a lot of decisions and even moving out of our house... Craft Weekend was born! We have had over 30 weekends in 3 years. We've crafted with over 400 new friends!

What is your favorite craft project you've ever made?

who could ever choose a favorite?! I like things with paint. Art Journals & free flowing kinds of projects are my favorite. I also love to sew (in a free form kind of way) things like pillows and curtains or the ruffle aprons we make at Craft Weekend.

Describe one craft project that's on your to-do list right now.

Right now... i think most of my projects are house related. We moved into a new home in april and the walls are still bare. I need to hang up photos and decorate most of the house. Oh.. and our yard too! We love to be outside and our yard needs some sprucing up!

What inspires you?


I crave it every day. I am drawn to it every where i go! I love to see combinations of colors together... patterns mixing... and any type of art that uses lots of color. It is my favorite thing.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Meg! I'll be daydreaming about fun colors for the rest of the afternoon!

Team Bloom