You've probably seen a social media post or two about a fast food restaurant's 'secret menu.' Secret menus are fun, because sometimes you need something that’s just a little different than what's normally offered.

We understand, so today we’re talking about the Organic Bloom's custom frames options that let you order even more than the standard 51 colors, 18 styles and 3 stacking options.

First, let’s talk about colors. If you’re needing a color that’s not available in our collection, you don’t have to settle for something that’s less than perfect.  All Benjamin Moore paint colors are available for a custom color charge of $7 per frame.

To choose a custom color:

1. Visit and make note of your desired color’s name and color code.

2. Visit, and click “Custom Size and Color” underneath the “Custom Frames” menu at the top of the page.

3. Select your frame. Then enter the Benjamin Moore Color Code as you’re ordering.


Next, let’s talk about sizes. Sometimes you have a gorgeous photo that’s not cropped in a standard way, but it still needs a gorgeous frame.

If the size you're looking for isn’t listed as a standard option, check out our Custom Size and Color page for even more options.

If you’re still not finding the size you need for that stunning photo, email us at with the dimensions you’re needing. We’ll prepare a custom quote and work with you on placing the order. All of our frames are priced by the opening’s square inches.

Now, you need a custom print size to go in your custom frame? The trick is to order the next size up that’s offered by the lab, and have it cut to fit.  For example a 4x4 print would need to be ordered as a 4x6.

Here’s how to prepare your custom image for printing:

1. In your editing software, create a canvas and paint it a bright color.

2. Place your image in the corner.

3. As your you’re ordering, leave a note in the comments section that says, “please trim the hot pink off of image #XYZ to make a [custom size here] print.”  Check with your lab for any additional fees for cuts.


Have you ordered a frame in a custom size or image? We would love to see! Share a photo with us in the Vendors of the Organic Bloom Facebook group.

Team Bloom