When Sara Lynn posted in the Vendors of the Organic Bloom Facebook group about her framing party, we instantly fell in love with the idea! Whether you've been a vendor for awhile, or you're just getting started, a framing party is such a fun way to get your clients excited about the Organic Bloom.

Sara was looking for a way to offset the business expense of her first order of studio frames, and the idea for a framing party was born.

So, what is a framing party? Sara asked her guests to bring a photo they'd been wanting to frame. While enjoying wine and appetizers, her guests looked through Organic Bloom look books and color samples to pick their frame style and color with the help of their friends. At the end of the event, Sara helped her guests order the frames they'd picked out.

Who did you invite? I don't have a database yet, but can remember everyone who has or is in the books for a session. I used Facebook and created an event under my Sara Lynn Eye Art page.  I invited some family, but most people were past and present clients.

How did you price frames during the event? I offered them wholesale price, knowing I would get 30% off the order. My strategy was to explain that only once per calendar year, will I ever sell at wholesale so they had to place their order at the party.

How successful was the framing party? I had around 20 people place orders. My guests were very appreciative of being offered the wholesale price and I nailed down a women's/children's boutique owner who came and bought six frames for her store. I'll be taking the pictures for her to advertise and my logo will be framed in an OB frame with her Organic Bloom frames she purchased.

I sold $ 2312.13 in sales and then used my studio sample code and got a discount of almost $700. My personal order of 17 frames cost my business around $200, which would have been $500 without the party.  The frames I purchased will be used in my studio, my home and at events in which I'm advertising or donating a Creation Fee.

How often will you host a framing party? I think I will have the party once a year when I order studio samples. This is something I will not tell people for sure I'm doing, so it will be a nice surprise when they are least expecting it so they will still purchase a frame from me at any given time.

Thanks so much for sharing your event with us, Sara!  Be sure to check out Sara Lynn Eye Art online. You can find her at saralynneyeart.com, on Facebook at Sara Lynn Eye Art, on Instagram @saralynneyeart and on Twitter at @saralynneyeart.
How have you shared your excitement about the Organic Bloom with your clients? Share your story in the Vendors of the Organic Bloom Facebook group.