If your frames aren't selling, sometimes you have to get a little creative to show your clients how great they'll look in their home.
Organic Bloom Vendor Catharine Bliss wasn't selling many frames, so she took some creative initiative and started designing galleries, like the one you see above and below, for her client reveal sessions.
Her clients love the inspiration, and she's seen an increase in her sales because of it! Keep reading to hear from Catharine about how she's using these digital galleries to increase her sales.
Can you tell us a little about your gallery-designing process?
I have a hybrid pricing model that includes a choice of either a digital download or a session reveal.
For the download only option, galleries are included only when requested. For the reveal session, I present a number of gallery options as a starting point for clients. Following a slideshow of their images, I include 3-4 gallery options that include canvas and organic bloom frames.
I create the galleries using Shoot and Sell. If clients have provided me their own wall prior to the session I'll include that, otherwise I use one of the stock room options in Shoot and Sell.
Once we have that starting point then I take out my iPad to change frame styles and colors and design until we have the perfect fit for them. Only after they have chosen everything do I show them the price list. For some it is a sticker shock and we adjust their order, but for many they are now in love with the options and happily pay for what we have selected.
How did you get started designing galleries for clients?
I started selling the Organic Bloom frames when the Wall Guides came out. I started them first in photoshop and then when shoot and sell was released I bought an ipad just for that app and it more than paid for itself. It became so easy to create a gallery that I was able to include them on every session I presented.
How do clients respond to the galleries?
They love the inspiration. They especially love the personal touch when I create a gallery from their own wall.
Have you seen your frame sales increase since you started designing galleries for clients?
I have. I didn't sell any or very few wall art options prior to offering the gallery options.
Check out Catharine online at www.blissphotographymn.com, on Facebook and on Instagram @blissphotomn.
Team Bloom