Ever had a client who couldn't visualize how great their photos would look in an Organic Bloom frame?

Organic Bloom vendor, Betsy Hynes used our free, online wall designer to create a series of printed presentations to show her clients how great Organic Bloom frames look with her photos. It's a fun way to use the designer, and she says she has seen a HUGE increase in sales. How exciting!  Keep reading to here from Betsy about her frame sales technique.


Can you tell us about the sheet ?
I created 3 separate 11x14 prints that are mounted on styrene.  I used the designer on the organic bloom website and created a bunch of different frame colors and styles using photos from past client sessions. I exported them individually as png files, then using pages I created three example sheets.
One is for my newborn clients, it shows 20 different photos in different frame styles and colors to help them visualize what their own newborn photos might look like in an organic bloom frame.
The second sheet is 12 photo collages- a few are first birthday themed, a few are family/beach sessions and a few are high school seniors all in different styles and colors so that these clients can see a great way to display their photos.
The third sheet is all of the colors offered so that they can hold it next to their photos to see what matches best.

Why you decided to present the frames this way?
I have a few frames on display when clients come to their order session and I found that if clients ordered it was often what they were seeing on my wall.  It's not feasible for me to cover my whole wall with different combos of style and color, but I knew that if clients could see examples of other photos similar to their own in organic bloom frames, they'd be more likely to buy them.  I spent a couple of hours finding my favorite photos and pairing them with complimenting color styles and frames using the designer, it was actually really fun!  Then I merged all my examples together in a handy print out.

How does the sheet impact your frame sales?
I've noticed a HUGE increase in the amount of frames I've sold this year.  It's so exciting, I love getting a new color or style in that I haven't seen yet, and I really love the look on my client's faces when they come to pick up their products!  If my clients aren't  totally decided on the color or style I have them pick a couple.  After they leave I use the designer again and email them a template of 2 or 3 different colors/styles using their own photos to help them decide.

Why do you think your clients are responding to this presentation style?
A lot of my clients are visual, they have to see it in order to be able to invest.  If they are able to imagine what their own photos would look like in the frames, it makes it much easier to sell to them.

BetsyHines2Be sure to check Betsy out online, at www.betsyhynesphotography.zenfolio.com. You can find her on Facebook at  www.facebook.com/betsyhynesphotography and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/betsyhynesphotography


How have you used the Organic Bloom wall designer to increase your sales? Let us know in the comments! 

Team Bloom