Try One Of These New Products in 2017!

Hi Bloomies! We introduced some awesome new products last year and wanted to make sure that you had all the details on our new Reclaimed Wood options and Wall Designer, just in case you missed the first announcement of these products. 

First Up: Reclaimed Wood Frames

We now offer Reclaimed Wood Frames, ranging from Ornament to 30x40 size. These frames are handmade in our warehouse from local, reclaimed, good ol' Oklahoma fence pickets. They are absolutely gorgeous and truly one-of-a-kind, as no two frames will be the exact same, as each picket has different markings, wear and colors. We handpick individual pieces used for each frame and take our time to make sure that each piece has markings and colors that match as closely as possible. These Reclaimed Wood frames are the perfect option for those clients that are looking for a more natural, rustic and neutral look for their home. Check out the Reclaimed Wood frames here.Second Up: Reclaimed Wood Crate for Color Blocks & Swatche

These amazing Reclaimed Wood Crates hold all 51 Color Blocks & your Color Swatches perfectly for a nice way to display all of the Organic Bloom color options. During your IPS session, simply grab the crate so that you and your clients can look through the individual colors and decide which color(s) would look best on their walls and for their beautiful images. *As a bonus, when the Color Block & Swatch Set w/ Reclaimed Wood Crate is purchased, you will automatically receive $100 credit issued via Reward Points! Check out the Reclaimed Wood Crates here.Third Up: Multi-Opening Frames

Did you know that we have over 60 different layouts available for our Multi-Opening frames, as well as the option for custom layouts? Our Multi-Opening frames are a fantastic way to display more than one image in a single frame. Your clients can choose several images from their current session or choose images from past sessions to show off different seasons of their lives. Multi-Opening frames are available in most styles (sadly, we can't make these in: Johnny, Charlie or Mac) and all 51 colors. Check out the Multi-Opening frames hereFourth Up: Gallery Wall Hanging Guide

We can now print real-size templates for large (or small) wall displays that will make hanging your frames the easiest thing you've ever done, I promise! Simply design your display using our Wall Designer with your frame styles, size and color options and choose "Add Hanging Guide" at the bottom of the page to add this template to your shopping cart. If your order is over $200, the template is complementary and we'll include awesome double-headed screws and your hanging guide with your shipment. Check out this FB live video that one of our local vendors, Traci Baker, made with her clients using a wall hanging guide here.As always, if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us via email (, chat with us on our website ( or give us a call at 918-872-0724. We can also be reached on our private Organic Bloom Vendor Facebook Group

Thank you,

Team Bloom