When I’m not at my full time job, or doing shoots, or at CrossFit, or cooking…..I love to do home projects. Very much like my photo shoots, when I see a piece of furniture that I want to re-finish, I know what the end result will be before I start. Craigslist and antique stores are full of amazing steals. I haggle with the best of them;) When Rachel from The Organic Bloom contacted me about doing a post for OB, she recommended something personal, like sharing all my crazy projects! I have blogged some of these before with in-depth tutorials. As I get back into the swing of blogging I wanted to do a post showing my work that isn’t as detailed. I hope you all enjoy!

PS? I REALLY love grey. Don’t judge me!


I got this 1950s pie hutch for $130 {talked down from $220} from a local antique store. I took it apart, lightly sanded the entire piece by hand, then spray painted it that gorgeous cream color. Yes, spray paint. No brush stroke marks, dries 1,000 times faster, and who doesn’t love spray painting? After the few coats dried I did some sanding to bring through the color underneath. I admittedly got wayyyy too heavy on the sanding. But David loved it and didn’t want me to change it. I also spray painted the hardware with a rubbed oil bronze spray paint so I could keep the original pieces but update them {who likes GOLD?!}. Gave the entire piece a coat of polyurethane protectant {spray paint, of course} and FINISHED! It now houses most of my newborn props+blankets. Full post on pie hutch


I love organization. I need it. I never knew how busy life would get as I got older. I don’t even have kids. How you Moms manage to do it all is a miracle to me!! Hence my chalkboard calendar! I took the measurements of this wall to Lowe’s and had them cut plywood to fit it. I did 3 coats of magnetic primer, 2 coats of chalkboard paint, painstakingly measured out the calendar and drew it on in chalk. Then I painted over that with paint, screwed it into the wall, glued a piece of cork to the bottom for our bills, spray painted a can and hung it next to the board to hold the chalk. I made the magnetic dates with wooden circles by spray painting them red, placing numbered stickers on them, covering them in mod podge, and gluing magnets to the back. Full post on calendar


The turquoise wall was what I did when we initially moved into the house. At the time I LOVED how different it was and that it popped. I got that red (originally raw wood) table off Craigslist and painted it. The little suitcase bed is what I made for our cat, Macaroni {see in the picture below} One day I walked by the wall and realized that it was just too loud and looked…cheap. SO! Onward! I found the 3-drawer sofa table on Craigslist {listed for $75 bought for $40}. I took the pulls off, spray painted them with rubbed oil bronze spray paint, and painted the piece with Annie Sloan paint. See my adorable Bloomies?!? I can’t get over how timeless they are!


Not much to say here! I saw this table+chair set on Craigslist {$100} and KNEW that underneath that dark glossy finish was some gorgeous wood. I sanded everything down with an orbital sander and did 6 coats of polyeurathane, using steel wool and tac cloths in between each coat. Eventually I want to paint over the black with white….but not anytime soon!


My most recent project and the biggest. I have been looking for a french provincial dresser, specifically with 9 drawers, for quite some time. The ones I have seen around Tulsa are always over $500 and I’m not willing to pay that for something I plan to completely overhaul. This one was listed for almost $300 but she sold it to me for $150. BAM! It doesn’t look very big in this picture, but that’s a 60″ TV mounted over it. The dresser itself is 5′ long. I sanded the hideous gloss off the top, stained it, and did a protective coat over it. Then I removed the absolutely filthy drawer pulls with the intention of washing them but the water ate the finish off them leaving me green hardware. Rubbed oil bronze spray paint to the rescue {again}! My plan, and the reasoning for wanting 9 drawers, was to turn it into a media console. The slats you see the cable box and speakers sitting on were already there when I pulled the drawers out! WIN! I was dreading having to do that myself! I used Annie Sloan paint and wax to paint and protect the piece with. Full post on dresser


Isn't this desk gorgeous?? My parents surprised me with it for my birthday last year. I debated over painting it because I love the hand detailing. But the weird leather that was glued to the drawers was coming off and it ruined the wood when I removed them. I covered the leather desk top with painters tape and used an exact-o knife to cut around the edges. I did 2-3 coats of grey spray paint and a few coats of spray poly protectant. Oh, and I tossed those gross knobs and replaced them with over sized ones. This now houses my photography packaging and miscellaneous wedding junk!



I really just wanted to show you that I meant it when I said I love grey!


I wanted to show some special love to my sweet little Organic Bloom frames. We have a main (read: huge) wall in our living room that remains bare. After our October wedding this fall, I plan to cover that wall in OB frames. The Organic Bloom is just down the road from my house so I’ll probably drag some of their sweet staff to my home so I can get some help planning the entire thing:)

I hope you have enjoyed this! After re-reading the post I realize it seems like I have a LOT of extra time on my hands!! HA!